25 healthy snack idea’s to feed those late night cravings

close up photo of slice strawberries on toast

Eating healthy can be easy to do when your in the mood for it, however there are many times that we find ourselves with an insatiable appetite. We all have …

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5 Healthy fall foods and how to prepare them

orange pumpkins on brown wooden crate

Fall is a time for change. Leaves are changing colors, the air feels crisper in the morning and in a few short weeks, we will be saying goodbye to summer …

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7 tips to help you save money on groceries

woman in white long sleeve shirt standing in front of vegetable stand

Staying on top of your grocery budget can be tough. 2021 has seen an increase in prices from everything from gas to rent and even groceries. These tips are super …

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7 tips to get the best apples this picking season

green apple fruit on red metal stand

The leaves are beginning to change colours and the air is starting to get cooler. It is officially autumn and that also means it’s apple season. A great way to …

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Essential Vegan Fast Food Guide 2021

person ordering fast food in drive thru

As the Vegan & Vegetarian community is expanding the Fast Food world is starting to come out with more meatless options. However, with that being said finding 100% vegan meals …

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Camping Food Guide For The Wild (Vegetarian Friendly)

Marshmallows and hot dogs on a campfire are typically what come to mind when I think of camping food. However, I can’t live off that for multiple days in a …

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5 ways to get your caffeine fix without coffee

cup of coffee with saucer and teaspoon

Energy is much needed sometimes, especially on Monday mornings. I love coffee, but sometimes if I drink a little too much it has some negative effects. I’ve been exploring many …

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8 SUPERFOODS you need in your next smoothie

green leafed plant

Superfoods are foods with a high nutritional density. This means they contain a lot of nutrients but very few calories. They are high in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Antioxidants occur …

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Fresh foods in season this summer

assorted vegetable store displays

Buying seasonal produce is a really smart choice. Purchasing fresh foods in season not only saves you money but also supports local farmers. Also, fresh produce makes for really fresh-tasting …

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food salad healthy vegetables

 If you happen to be traveling through Ontario this summer make sure to check out these 5 Ontario farmers Markets! The Ontario farmers markets that I’ve listed below all have …

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