How to Make Pumpkin Butternut Squash Soup


Butternut squash and pumpkin are in season, making this the perfect time to make a warm tasty autumn soup. This recipe is simple and takes about an hour and a half in total. The best way to make this soup is wearing fuzzy slippers and a comfy sweater. It makes the soup taste all the better if you are cozy!

This tasty dish can be served as a starter, side, or entrée, depending on your preference. Depending on how big your veggies are, you may end up with a lot of soup. I suggest freezing half for a later date to avoid any going to waste! You may not need to freeze if you have enough company to enjoy it with you. Warning: People will want seconds!

What you need to make pumpkin butternut squash soup

For this recipe you will need

How to prepare the ingredients

Carrot: The carrots do not need to be cut. However, I suggest using a peeler to remove the outer layer and clean them up.

Butternut Squash: Begin by removing the stem. Next cut the butternut squash in half from where the stem was to the bottom. Now, with a spoon scoop out the guts and seeds. Finally, drizzle with olive oil and spice with salt and pepper.

Pumpkin: Begin by removing the stem. With a pumpkin, it’s best to cut a circle around the stem, much like if you were to carve a pumpkin. Next, cut the pumpkin in half and remove the guts and seeds. Finally, drizzle with olive oil and spice with salt and pepper.

Turnip: All you need to do is cut this one in half or four quarters. It does take longer to cook compared to the other veggies. Depending on the size, I suggest cutting it in four quarters to speed the cooking time.

Onion: Start by cutting the top and bottom of the onion. Next, remove the outer layer and cut the onion in half.

Garlic: Cook the garlic in the cloves to prevent any burning. You can break three cloves apart keep the skin on (the method I use). Or, you can cut 1/4 to a 1/2 inch from the top of cloves, drizzle with olive oil and cover in foil. 

This soup is the perfect meal for this time of year. It’s hearty, filling and can be made with fresh vegetables in season. Plus, it freezes well so you don’t have to worry about eating leftovers on a busy weeknight! Give our recipe a try if you’re looking for an easy dinner that will please just about anyone in your family – or even as a quick lunch option at work!

Stay warm, stay safe and eat good baby!

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