Staying on top of your grocery budget can be tough. 2021 has seen an increase in prices from everything from gas to rent and even groceries. These tips are super simple and easy to apply to your lifestyle. The smallest of changes can add up over time to help you save money on your food costs. Here are 7 tips to help you eat good without breaking the bank!

1. Shop with a list

One of the best ways to save money on groceries is to plan your meals. The more you know what you need, the less likely you will be to impulse buy or over-purchase when it comes time for shopping. If you have a family, consider planning out each person’s week and then create your grocery list based off that. This way everyone gets what they need and no leftovers will be left going bad in the fridge!

2. Bring your own Bags

Opt for bringing your own bags. Although plastic bags arnt super expensive, overtime the cost can add up. Most stores now charge for plastic or paper bags. I always try to leave bags in the trunk of my car to make sure I’m always prepared

3. Purchase In Season Produce

Purchase in season produce for the best prices. You can compare prices online to find which store has in season produce for the best prices. Also, you can visit farmer’s markets where prices are usually lower than other grocery stores and super fresh.

4. Use coupons or discounted gift cards

Coupons or discounted gift cards will help make your grocery bill a bit lower. Sign up for your local groceries store loyalty program to gain points and receive discounts!

5.Buy store brand products

A lot of people think that generic brands are inferior, but they’re actually just as good as name brands if not better! Try them out and see how much money you can save this way.

6. Buy items on sale in bulk

Keep your eyes peeled for items that you like to use frequently to go on sale. If you catch something on sale, buy in bulk! It may seem like a big chunk of change at the moment but, it will save you money in the long run!

7. Freeze what you don’t need right away

Put foods such as fruits, veggies, meats and bread in the freezer to avoid them going bad and having to purchase more!

Now to go shop till ya drop and fill up that fridge ! Stay safe and eat good baby.

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