These are the best homemade burgers ever! The secrete to these juicy burgers is the onion soup mix and fresh gruyere cheese. If you can’t find Gruyere cheese in your local grocery store, swiss is a great alternative! This recipe was discovered while camping and not having any other ingredients to spice the patties. My mom decided to experiment with soup mix and this recipe was born. Since then, I’ve expanded the recipe to resemble french onion soup by adding grilled onions and gruyere cheese. If you want to keep it simple, the patty has so much flavor that you can absolutely just enjoy it with the patty and bun! However, If you’re feeling fancy I’m going to share how I made my toppings for this beautiful burg!


The list below is the toppings I use. With this being said sometimes I like to enjoy this burger with just the patty and bun. It all depends on the day! However, the toppings listed below do make an ultimate tasty burger!

  • Arugula
  • Caramalized Mushrooms
  • Crispy Bacon
  • Fried Onions
  • Garlic Aioli
  • Tomato
Fried Onions
Caramelized Mushrooms
Crispy Bacon

Caramelized Mushrooms

  1. Combine butter and olive oil: The combination of the two adds great flavor and definitely makes a difference as compared to oil alone.
  2. The key to carmelized mushrooms is not to stir them too much so that they form a crust.
  3. Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder

Try this burger out with a homemade Ceasar Salad and have the perfect BBQ meal!