5 Tips to save money when ordering food

5 Tips to save money when ordering food

How to save money on food? I suggest trying to cook at home as much as possible. But this one is for everyone who doesn’t feel like cooking up a storm and wants to treat themselves without breaking the bank. I’ve been living through the Ontario lockdown and have since found myself using Uber to eat a little more than usual. However, my bank account hasn’t been too happy with this. So, I’ve come up with a few ways to save some coin while ordering in. because let’s be real, ordering in is nice.

When we think about saving money on food, generally deals and coupons are a good place to start. However, these tips and tricks are a little more than that. I will mention that I do live in a metropolitan area which has given me a lot more options than my hometown. Some of your ordering options may be different depending on your area. With that being said, this is what has worked for me and I hope this works for you!

2 FOR 1

I previously mentioned my love for Uber eats. I remember a time where the only food delivery around was pizza and Chinese takeout. Today, the options are almost endless. I know Uber eats isn’t the only food delivery service but it is the one I use the most. My first tip is to check the 2 for 1 option. This is awesome if you have another person around or just want to save some leftovers. Some of the deals I’ve gotten are 2 for 1 sushi platters, jerk, curry, shawarma, burrito… the list goes on. My average order on Uber eats now comes out to around $20 CAD including the delivery fee and tax. Honestly, worth it. Now, I know that Uber eats isn’t the only place that offers 2 for 1 so keep your eyes peeled on the other delivery services as well.


I try to avoid ordering something I can easily make myself. I’ve lived by this for a long time. I know that I could make a lot of dishes with recipes and a bit of practice and this is why I used the word “easily”. By sticking to this rule, it pushes me to avoid spending the $20 on eggs and toast when I can make it myself for a better price. I’d rather spend that $20 towards a dish like sushi since I know it’s a more difficult meal for me to make. Implementing this rule into your life will save you from impulsively ordering all the time.


You may order food from skip the dishes but please skip the drinks. I know not everyone may agree with this one but if you’re trying to save money, keep in mind that drinks add up. If you feel like having a few, I suggest trying to avoid ordering drinks at a restaurant and opt for buying them from the liquor or grocery store. If you are living in an area like me and are stuck inside avoid adding alcohol to your order and purchase it separately.


A great way to save money is to split the meal and even the bill. I eat a lot so this isn’t something I can do everywhere, however some restaurants offer very large portions. If you have someone you’re comfortable sharing a meal with here are a few ideas. The first one may be a bit obvious but pizza is a good sharable especially if you’re sharing with friends and/or family.

If it’s a meal for two I suggest shawarma platters! This does depend on your local restaurant but I will say a majority of the time I receive massive portions and find myself satisfied with sharing. Another idea, that I did often before the pandemic was ordering a few appetizers with a friend and splitting the bill. This was fun because we would try a bunch of different things and the cost per plate would be generally lower than a full-sized meal.


The last tip is to have a cheat day. If you decide you want to ease up on the amount your ordering I suggest picking one or two days a week that you get to “cheat” and order in. Making a set in stone day helps minimize ordering more than you may personally feel is reasonable for your budget. Also, it becomes something to look forward to. Due to the pandemic, I find that ordering food has become my new going out. This is a little way to spoil yourself on those nights.

Enjoy saving, stay safe and eat good baby!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels and Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels.

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